We also welcome vendors to set up booths- 

PLEASE contact Michelle Byerly  at 409-382-0878 to discuss your options!   EVERYONE is welcome!!! 


Upcoming EVENTS!!

October 13, 2012!!

Mark your calenders!!! 
2nd Annual JYSSA 5 Stand!!

Safety orientation starts at 7:45 and Shooting starts promptly at 8am!! 

BRING PLENTY of SHELLS,  your chairs, tents and come on out! 

This is limited to 13 teams. 

We will also have Skeet and THE INTIMIDATOR!!

Individual scores from the 3 shotgun games will be added together for High Overall Average with a TOP PRIZE of a gun for both the youth winner AND the Adult winner!!!  These guns are being donated by L & R Hunting and Outdoor Supplies and LaMarCo Alarm Co!!  

We are also going to award prizes to the top teams!! 

Individuals are more than welcome to sign up-  we will build a team for you!! 



5 Man Team $250.00
PRE-REGISTRATION required! (limited to 13 teams- Individuals can play too, call and we will squad you)

Side Games for HOA!!
Top Prize is a GUN for Youth AND Adult HOA Guns are donated by : L & R Outdoors Hunting Supplies & LaMarCo Alarm Co! -Preregistration not required-
Trap (25 shot) 25.00 each*
 Skeet (25 shot) 25.00 each*

Pre-register an entire 5 man team and take 5.00 off each person!!

Bragging Rights Games!!
Intimidator (25 shot each) 20.00 per 2 man team
 Dueling Tree (25 shot each) 10.00 per 2 man team

More details to come!!! 


JYSSA and L & R Outdoors are presenting a weekend of shooting and fun!

There will be booths with everyone in mind-  From Outdoor items to pretties for the ladies! 
Including National companies!! 

LOTS OF PRIZES and giveaways!!  

APRIL 14 and 15!! 

 This is going to be a fun packed weekend- 

ON Saturday we will have

*** Trap tournament-    25 shots-  $40.00 per person-  Come as a team or as individuals and we will squad you!   There will be a jackpot for the highest score!   trophies for places 1st - 3rd,  and   and  best overall shooter and best youth shooter!! 

                                                               25 shots 
                         $10.00 per person,  shoot as a team or find someone in the crowd
                                                             to challenge-    
                        $15.00 per person and throw your hat into the ring for the 

                                                       TOP  SHOOTER!      
                                           Highest score will win the jackpot!! 
                                   1st and 2nd place trophies to best shooters!! 

***  Dualing Tree Target!!!!      Get a buddy and for $5.00 each you get to shoot 25 .22's out of a M & P 15- .22  and see who is the best shot!   everytime you hit it,  they get the chance to hit it back to you!!!!   (and WE provide the ammo AND gun!!)

 AND on Sunday
After a small worship service for those who are interested,

We will have the 3D archery tournament!! 

20 different animals,  in a wooded setting, with various hunting scenarios -  

  $25.00 adult 
 $15.00 youth 

Divisions will be broken up into ages.

4-9 years youth
10-13 years junior youth
14-16 years intermediate youth
17 plus  will shoot as adult

We are going to have a 30% payback on the Adult Division of the Archery Tournament!! 
 *Please remember to wear jeans and rubber boots,  this IS a simulated hunting situation and as such you will smack dab in the middle of natures beauty! 

 ***Clout-   for  $5.00 we will give you 3 arrows and a long bow-  you get to  point the bow into the air,  pull back and shoot as far as possible to see who hits the bullseye!!   Jackpot avalible for best score!!

*** Farthest shot!   We will set up a jackpot target-  best arrow wins!!  

 We will also have the dueling trees and THE INTIMIDATOR open on Sunday for the ones who couldnt get enough on Saturday!!   (Believe me-  you WILL be back!!)    

We will also have a OVERALL TOP SHOT!!  The best combined score from THE INTIMIDATOR, the Trap tourney and the 3D archery tourney will be our OUTDOOR SHOOTOUT TOP SHOT!!! 

Dont forget to bring your chairs, ezup tents and lots of shotgun shells!   We can assure you, there will be opportunities to use all of them!! 

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