THANK YOU to Rural Pipe and Supply  for the donation of pipe to make ALL the cages!! 


 5 Stand is a condensed version of Sporting Clays-  

There are 5 cages that you stand in,  and 6  throwers that throw you everything from a strait up teal to a bolting rabbit that seldom leaves the ground (but when it does, boy can it hop).  There are 4 more throwers scattered about in front of you and to the sides with different presentations.   

Its your job to bust the clays two at a time, rotating to the next station after 5 true pair presentations.    

This is 50 of the wildest clays thrown at JYSSA, in a fast paced game that will have you wanting to try 'just ONE more time' . 


HUGE  THANKS to Tommy  Coan  of the 180 Ranch for the  generous donation to make purchasing the 5 Stand possible!!
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