THANK YOU to Dick and Sandy Wilgus for the donation of tin to and the 180 Ranch for the wood to make the trap and skeet houses!  


We currently have one Trap Field at JYSSA. 

 Trap is one of the original Skeet games.  It consists of 5 stations placed 16 yards behind a single thrower in which you shoot 5 rounds from before advancing to the next station. 

We are currently building the house for the trap machine and will be working on the handicap lines soon.  



We currently have one skeet field,  with a high and low house.  

Skeet is the original Clay Pigeon game.   It consists of 8 stations 7 of which are placed in a semi circle starting and ending at the houses the skeet are thrown from.   You shoot a round of 25  birds as you advance around the half circle, ending in the middle with station 8. 

We are still working on and building the paths,  but the stations are clearly marked. 

HUGE  THANKS  to the 180 Ranch for making the purhase of the 2 Laporte Skeet Machines possible!!!  and to Pineywoods Chapter of the Friends of the NRA  for the  generous donation to make purchasing the Trap Machine possible!!
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